Photography in compact form – Mainly Ricoh

— I haven’t talked about photography You can check all the Photo stuff in my dedicated photo section. in a long time here. I’ve been selling most of my gear and simplifying my processes a bit. I’m still making photos, mainly street with the fabulous Ricoh GR, but even in the DSLR I’m simplifying. My lens choices are smaller, mainly 50mm equivalent both on digital and on film. But I’ve seen time after time this argument about using digital vs. film and I stopped worrying about it. In the end you make pictures and you should find the right tool for it. PERIOD. But some like to switch back and forth.

— Speaking of even more interesting Photography. Anytime Daido Moriyama is mentioned you must Listen. You might not know who he his, and then YOU MUST REALLY LISTEN. And if think you know who Daido Moriyama is you should go and buy On Daido. As a side note, Daido is known for using the small P&S Ricohs. . .

— Speaking of Ricoh GR… there are some rumors about a GR II coming soon. DROLL.

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Memory Leaks in Google Chrome

— Google Chrome is fast, but fast by consuming all your RAM. Here are some tips to diminish RAM footprint of Google Chrome. Amazing to see how some web pages just want all RAM you can give to them. NOW, GO OPTIMISE THE DAMN THING.

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Outlaw police

A football match, a family of 3 generations and a bad cop. It is not only America that has problems with the latter. And, like in America, here in Portugal they immediately started writing a story to cover the facts, except that the cameras were rolling. But as in so many aspects of portuguese daily […]

Wayward Pines Day

Do you love Twin Peaks? While we still wait for a remake of the Laura Palmer case why not start the summer season with the series. Wayward Pines. I’ve podcasted about it and I am really eager to see what they made in the series. I’m mainly curious to see Juliette Lewis again — One […]

It is all emotion, but we are all alone in the end.

— Sentiment Analysis, sentiment analysis, sentiment analysis. Argh… How do SVM, Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, Multilayer Perceptrons, Best-first Trees, Functional trees, and C4.5 compare? Psomakelis et al. did a comparative study of twitter. Sentiment analysis is probably one of the most dangerous approaches to understanding crowd behaviour because it is dictating what normality is. A […]

Are you Brainless today? Go read these.

— An indicator that we are seeing a shift in AI and that deep learning has become a big thing in research and industry — and my bet is that deep learning will have a bigger impact on society than the other buzzword starting with Big that also has DATA in it — is that […]

Reading the Visual, AI, and social networks, worlds, in R.

— Do we trust algorithms? Sure we do, even in a time when testing computer programs for correctness is impossible. But should we? Namely when policy algorithms are making decisions based on black box models. Yes, data is making big look small every day, and black boxes (or even transparent ones) are becoming so large […]

And now for some Tech reading . . .

— Linux rootkit hidden in the GPUs? What? Crap. This is going to be tough. Jellyfish is a just a proof of concept, but … if a group of developers can do this imagine what a determined surveillance agency will do. — A $9 computer that wants to replace the Raspberry Pi as the hacker […]

Things that caught my eye this Sunday …

— The aftermath of the elections in the UK shows that the issues they face are potentially very fragmentary. Even with the Tories’ majority — in a democracy that is not that representative — the UK will be heading to tumultuous times. The main issue is probably Scotland and the virtual wipeout of any party […]

In defence of a Public Peer Review System

Scientists are used to having papers rejected. It comes with the territory, but usually the reviewers had some good reason — and give it to you — to reject the manuscript in the first place. Now this . . . …and this is a bit hypocritical given the reviewer’s own ideological biases throughout the review, […]

Can you park your car like this?

One of the problems with cars is that they take space. A lot of space, mainly when they are not being used. A research project is developing robots that could make the task of parking cars a totally different experience. The authors claim that “a swarm of robots is able to extract vehicles from confined […]

Your Grandfather’s Oldsmobile—NOT!

Your Grandfather’s Oldsmobile—NOT! – BLOG@UBIQUITY. The self-driving car is coming to our streets. Might not be as soon as some predicted, but it will come in incremental steps. Technology has this feature: You dream about radical changes and then they appear slowly, one step at the time, and when you look back you realise that […]

Thinking in Minimum Spanning Trees

A Minimum Spanning Tree is a subgraph of a graph that is a TREE and connects all vertices together such the total cost of connection is minimal. Because of that, they are interesting objects. First, TREES, What are they? For any two given nodes have only one path between them and all nodes have one path […]

Why landing the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is a DUMB decision?

Throw a pencil from a twenty story building and every kid knows that the probability of it landing on its head is close to zero. So, why is the SpaceX trying to do it? As an engineer, I see this is one of those cases of failure by design. The rocket almost made it and […]

Switching to Colemak – My ColemaP

During 2014 I decided to switch to Colemak keyboard layout. I just want now to give a brief overview of the process, and where I am right now. Here are a few pointers if you want to try it yourself. Switching keyboard layouts is not easy. Many people give up and stick to qwerty forever. […]

10Web – Podcast Redux

Dizem que a produção de podcasts está morta, que não há produtores independentes. Que as rádios enchem as playlists do iTunes de forma que o podcast independente não tem visibilidade nenhuma. Talvez seja verdade, ou tudo não passa de uma conspiração para fazer o prazer da rádio. Tudo em torno de um conceito tão simples […]

The Secret Of My Endurance

I still get letters in the mail, mostly from cracked-up men in tiny rooms with factory jobs or no jobs who are living with whores or no woman at all, no hope, just booze and madness. I get most of their letters on lined paper written with an unsharpened pencil or in ink in tiny […]