Driving Cars or Letting them Drive You. How? TL;DR

Google Self-Driving Car

People should, very much, be concerned. There are a lot of questions we should be asking about self-driving cars (Will they be privately or publicly owned? Both? Will nonautonomous vehicles be banned? When? How will we secure them from hacking and viruses and malware and plain old-fashioned bugs? How can we preserve our location privacy? How will they operate in disaster and evacuation scenarios? How will they be insured? And purely in terms of Google, if it isn’t getting into the manufacturing business, and given that it doesn’t operate purely altruistically, how does it intend to turn a profit off of this highly expensive research project it has embarked on? What will it track? What will it monitor? What will it do inside those cute little cars?), because autonomous vehicles will become a pervasive technology and we should always interrogate things that will transform our society before, rather than after, the fact. Mat Honan at BuzzFeed

This is a long story — but good read — about the self-driving car and its possible adoption by society. Right now the self-driving car is just a lab experiment. A pet project that is increasingly becoming big. IT WILL BE the next big thing. But it will be THROUGH a SLOW revolution, one that grows on us slowly because while the technology is “almost” there (and almost might be a long distance away), society isn’t. What we’ll probably see is a generational transformation, where slowly technology will trickle down from these projects and will be adopted by everyday cars (that by then will be very futuristic!).

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A ver: Fortitude

Fortitude TV Series

Ver ep. 1 na RTP Play. A RTP2 está a transmitir Fortitude até dia 6 de Outubro. A não perder, todos os dias às 22h. Só é pena que o site da RTP seja tão parco na informação prestada sobre a programação das séries e que seja quase preciso ir adivinhando dia a dia se vai dar ou não. Mas sim, é todos os 5 dias da semana em ponto, às 22h.

A série passada no circulo polar ártico tem paisagens deslumbrantes e um clima único. Se é fã de Twin Peaks ou Wayward Pines vai encontrar algum paralelismo embora a realização não seja de David Lynch. A verdade é que aquele glaciar esconde muito bem o seu segredo e há gente a morrer por causa disso, . . . ou talvez não.

Os personagens da série são complexos, com passados muitas vezes negros e que contrastam com a dureza do ambiente de Fortitude onde a espécie mais forte são os ursos polares.

Já agora prestem dois minutos de atenção à banda sonora de Fortitude.

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In the Couch with Movies: The Longest Ride

I’ve just seen the movie The Longest Ride, a movie about a young couple that has to make difficult decisions about growing up and are inspired in the process by an older couple’s life story. Check The Longest Ride Website. The storyline is set with a Bull-riding background and when I started seeing this movie […]

My Challenge to Portuguese politicians:

Dear Portuguese politician, Thank you for taking the time to read this message. Please bear with me and listen to these two episodes of the Allusionist and then think for a moment about the Portuguese 1990 language agreement. I hope this didn’t mess your political convictions, but if by any chance the neuron in your […]

Crossing from Plymouth to Santander on board of the Pont-Aven

When I was first looking into bringing my car from the UK I was suggested to take a look at the ferries for Santander and Bilbao. At first I was a bit afraid of the trip. There were many parameters to choose from, many preparations to do. And the trip itself is 24h at sea. […]

Eu Votava Num Partido Que . . .

Revogasse o acordo ortográfico de 1990. Acho que não é preciso explicação para este desastre em que só a classe política continua a insistir. Propusesse o 10 de Junho como data única para a realização de eleições. E tomadas de posse na primeira segunda-feira subsequente. Que dia de Portugal poderia ser melhor celebrado do que […]

Second Life Abandoned Virtual Realities

There is something strange about online entities, be it blogs, virtual games, moocs, or vles. There’s something ethereal about all those entities. Because they will fade away quickly as they were praised. They have a lifetime so short that some users are still hanging to those entities while the servers are being shut down. An […]

A Model for Foraging Ants, Controlled by Spiking Neural Networks and Double Pheromones

A model of an Ant System where ants are controlled by a spiking neural circuit and a second order pheromone mechanism in a foraging task is presented. A neural circuit is trained for individual ants and subsequently the ants are exposed to a virtual environment where a swarm of ants performed a resource foraging task. […]

Some Thoughts on the Greek Democracy

The athenian democracy first appeared in ancient Greece in Athens in 508 BC and while it had its problems (only 1/5 of the population could vote for example) it was the first case where direct decision by the citizens steered the polis forward. As in the past Greek Democracy is going back to its roots […]

Force macports to upgrade all outdated ports

if you are a macports user you probably upgrade the ports you have in your machine with the command port upgrade outdated but sometimes some packages gets broken and can not be installed, leaving other macports packages that could be upgraded stuck at old versions. The only solution is to manually upgrade each one of […]

Is Big Data Cause or Consequence

It is clear that we are living in a world where everything is connected, where more data is available, where humans spends more and more time producing digital breadcrumbs. And all this data can be collected and analysed in ways that are new and never before imagined. But when talking about big data sometimes one […]

awk length of each line sorted

This is just an awk one-liner for helping me find long lines, usually in latex documents, that makes merging different versions of my paper easier. It just identifies the long lines and you can then easily break them into smaller ones. No more 3000 character lines. awk ‘{print length($0), ++nn}’ file.txt | sort -n

O Portugal do rapaz do bombo

O primeiro ministro continua na sua senda de arrogância, que disse ou que não disse, que vai dizendo ou que fica calado. Do alto de um pedestal suportado por um partido de 10% julga-se um D. Sebastião que leva os Portugueses para uma nova batalha de Alcácer Quibir. Sempre como se estivesse a tocar uma […]

Por falar em ingratidão no futebol

Quem é o maior ingrato do Futebol Português?Jorge Jesus: por sem contrato para o próximo ano, assinar com o Sporting.O Benfica: por esquecer que Jesus em 6 anos ganhou 10 títulos incluindo 3 campeonatos.O Sporting: por querer despedir com justa causa quem deu o primeiro título em 7 anos, por causa de um fato que […]

Leica Monochrome—Typ 246

The Leica Monochrome was/is a landmark in photography. An expensive one but a landmark. It represents the recognition that some users only need and think in black and white. Now Leica has produced another Leica Monochrome—Typ 246—a revision, upgrade, or a new beast of photographic camera. Your definition might be different but the fact is […]

Bikes vs Cars

I’d love to be in Spain to see this movie Bikes vs Cars, namely in Barcelona where it is going to be shown this Saturday at Docs Barcelona. The movie has been doing the tour of independent film festivals, from Sweden to South by south west and the american circuit. It is coming back to […]

Reino Unido bloqueia sites de ebooks

O Reino Unido ordenou que os principais fornecedores de internet bloqueassem o acesso a sites de partilha de ebooks. E o argumento é o mesmo utilizado pela indústria da música ou do cinema: a pirataria. Até aqui nada de novo, o problema é que na entrevista do responsável entrevistado pela BBC aprende-se algumas coisas: Na […]