Tip: Remap the Caps Lock key as a Backspace

For some time now I’ve been using my Caps Lock key as Ctrl (probably the Caps Lock key is the most useless key in any keyboard) but after switching to the Colemak layout (part 2) I’ve come to the conclusion that the Caps Lock can be very useful if configured as a Backspace key. Having the backspace on your left pinky allows your finger to travel less and not loose the resting position in the middle row, making writing even speedier than before. It is my belief that this is even useful for those using a traditional qwerty keyboard. In the mac you can try it by using a little software called Seil. What do you think? Do you use the Caps Lock as another key?

  2015/01/28 12:01 PM

Windows 10 is NOT Free.

Windows 10 is NOT Free

Microsoft’s event to launch Windows 10 created headlines because of the FREE word. They announced that the OS will be free.

Well…, when Free is NOT:

  • in a time where the OS is free in every platform other than Windows for Microsoft, FREE Windows means that it is ONLY for UPGRADES for Windows7+ computers and only valid for ONE YEAR. WHAT?
  • Yes. This is totally wrong, it is basically a measure to try to keep existing users locked in the platform during the next laptop buying season. It doesn’t aim to attract new users from other OSes, because those will still need to buy Windows 10.
  • It shows that Microsoft’s strategy is lagging 10 years behind that of Apple and that Microsoft doesn’t really understand modern technology.
  • I’m not going to discuss the use of Free (by either Microsoft or Apple or other) in the context of open source and linux (yes, I saw what you did there!)


  • Internet Explorer is going to die.

The BAD:

  • Microsoft is going to write a new browser with amazing features and amazing new ways to break WEB standards and introduce security holes in your computer.


  • Holographic glasses?… yes I think that was what the marketing division was wearing when they defined the price point and marketing strategy for Windows 10
  2015/01/22 10:35 AM

How to reshape data in R?

Reshaping and casting data into the proper format in R is a task that is easier said than done. Usually you never remember how to do it properly. This quick reference explains how to reshape data in R. for reshaping numeric vectors the best solution is to use the matrix command: let’s see an example: […]

  2015/01/21 11:27 AM

5 minutes on the Complexity Theory of `almost’ everything

A simple introductory explanation to what Complexity Theory is. This wonderful world were the Newtonian view of the world fails and where large heterogenous entities create complex systems that need new mathematical tools to process and understand them. It is only 5 minutes but gets to the main points of the field.

  2015/01/17 10:55 AM

Lisboa sem carros? Para quando Re-imaginar a Cidade?

Atravessar o centro de Lisboa de carro é um pesadelo. De tempo perdido, de poluição sónica e poluição atmosférica (CO2, CO, NOx, etc… ). E o pior é que as ligações Rotunda – Praça do Comércio não passam de ligações de passagem. É como despejar um camião do lixo na porta do melhor restaurante da […]

  2015/01/14 5:50 PM

Je Suis Charlie

I am still chocked by the happenings today in Paris. The way a group of animals behaved in the name of their faith is totally repugnant. I make mine the words of Salman Rushdie: “Religion, a medieval form of unreason, when combined with modern weaponry becomes a real threat to our freedoms. This religious totalitarianism […]

  2015/01/07 4:07 PM

The best read book of 2014

Another end of year, another list, another top. This time my top list of read books of 2014, not necessarily published in 2014 but all read during 2014. Bifes Mal Passados, João Magueijo Go, a Complete Introduction to the Game, Cho Chikun For Whom the Bell Tolls, Ernest Hemingway The Last Question, Isaac Asimov The […]

  2014/12/29 3:15 PM

Contracapa – The Book Thief, de Markus Zusak

O Book Thief é um livro sobre livros… ou antes… sobre livros roubados como metáfora de uma juventude vivida nos subúrbios de Munique durante a segunda guerra mundial. Contracapa do livro The Book Thief, de Markus Zusak. Download MP3

  2014/12/17 8:44 PM

What are f-stops? (with the help of processing.js)

Above you get a small interactive simulation of the dimension of a lens aperture as a function of the f-stop number and its focal distance. Mainly this was to illustrate the working of a lens in a photography post I wrote on WHAT ARE F-STOPS?

  2014/12/11 4:45 PM

This Will Revolutionize Education

Being involved with distance learning, having helped the programming assessment platforms for MOOCs, and being interested in all ways how to improve our learning abilities, this video resonates with me on so many levels that I had to put it here. What is the next revolution in education?

  2014/12/01 5:06 PM

Contracapa – Pines de Blake Crouch

Quando o agente secreto Ethan Burke chega a Wayward Pines, no Idaho, em busca de dois colegas desaparecidos, está longe de adivinhar que a sua vida está a prestes a tornar-se numa luta pela sobrevivência… Download MP3

  2014/11/28 10:11 PM

Search better than apple’s spotlight

I hate that spotlight indexes external drives. I hate waiting for hours for it to create hidden folders of catalogs that are just waisting space. I hate that it does it to my friends drives that I will only use once and that they will take home with a strange index folder full of rubbish. […]

  2014/11/20 11:57 AM

Easy checklist generation in LaTeX

The best way to produce a checklist for printing is the easylist1 package, hands down. in the preamble of your document add \usepackage[ampersand]{easylist} and in the text use \begin{easylist}[checklist] & This is Level 1 (Bold) open item && This is a level 2 open item \end{easylist} This is an excellent solution to produce checklists in […]

  2014/11/18 7:07 PM

Simplest way to have chapter bibliographies in Latex documents

When writing long documents in LateX like Thesis or books you might want to implement bibliographies on a chapter by chapter basis. This end of chapter bibliographies can be achieved using the bibunits1 package. Here’s an example \documentclass{article} \usepackage{bibunits} \defaultbibliography{references}   \begin{document} \bibliographyunit[\section]   \section{Introduction} References to some work~\cite{Rodrigues:2014} that is of the most scientific […]

  2014/11/13 3:46 PM

Quick update

I’ve been back to programming a lot in Java for the past few weeks as part of a paper I’m writing with E. Rodrigues. Coming back to Java after last year’s programming for T174 at the OU was very nice because Java 8 is finally out. It brings lambdas and streams and all that. I […]

  2014/11/11 9:30 PM


The past decade has seen the rapid development of the online newsroom. News published online are the main outlet of news surpassing traditional printed newspapers. This poses challenges to the production and to the consumption of those news. With those many sources of information available it is important to find ways to cluster and organise […]

  2014/09/23 8:52 AM

Peer Assessment in Architecture Education

Peer Assessment in Architecture Education – Brno – ICTPI'14 – Mafalda Teixeira de Sampayo, David Sousa-Rodrigues, Cristian Jimenez-Romero, and Jeffrey Johnson The role of peer assessment in education has become of particular interest in recent years, mainly because of its potential benefits in improving student’s learning and benefits in time management by allowing teachers and […]

  2014/09/13 10:03 AM