The 12 Core Mac Pro

I’ve been / I am / an Apple user for some time, but my interest was never in the “Consumer Electronics” part of Apple, but more on the “Computer” part. As Apple has been moving away from computation and going into the consumer electronics area my interest in the company is fading away.

I couldn’t care less about the iPhone (although I like to play with the iPod Free apps) and iPhone antennagate (although I’d like to teach some dBm math to some apple fanboys) or even about the iPad, that I don’t consider for my own use.

I care about computers, mainly High Performance Computers and in this group, apple just released one of the best multi-core machines that I’ve seen lately. The 12 core Mac Pro is the kind of machine that makes me tick. I work daily with the 8-core version and I can tell you that this is a beast of a machine. If you haven’t experimented (and tried to stress it) with one of these machines you don’t really now what personal computers are all about.

Normal users drive family cars, maybe a Wolkswagen Golf! Then we have Compact users that buy netbooks or Citrõen C1 or the Smart (I’ve one of these, great car). Then there’s some guys that want speed. They talk GTIs or Grand Turismos or Super Sports, the Mercedes SLKs of the bits. They know the ins and outs of the machines, they’ve read about them in magazines.

And then we HAVE 18 wheelers. These are the kind of computers I like. Big, powerful, something that you really don’t want to mess with if you don’t know what a 10 speed manual transmission is… the Mac Pro fits this category. It’s the machine for an heavy duty user.

Big Trucks

someone just remembered me that there are some big trucks (custom made) like those in the TOP 500, but I’m thinking regular user buyable stuff here.