ECCS10 – The tools to prepare and run a conference

Now that ECCS’10 preparation is almost finished and we approach Monday morning, I find myself wondering about the tools we used to prepare this conference. I can say the workload would have been much higher if we didn’t have some online colaboration tools. Here is the list of what I think made a significant contribution to success.

  • Dropbox. Dropbox by itself made the life of the team much easier. There was always someone editing some file, sharing some logo of a sponser or archiving emails from participants. I think I’ve seen the Growl notification from Dropbox more than the times I breathed.
  • Google Docs. The capabilities of simultaneous editing made this another power presence on our daily routine pre-ECCS’10.
  • Skype. Meetings made easy. Even during summer when part of the team was three thousand kilometers away we had a way to get work done.
  • On a smaller scale, Inkscape, Textmate and Photoshop where very important.
  • A final note to Drupal. It’s been perfect for what we needed with the versatility to add some other things. Just the right platform.
  • A negative note: The Myreview system for the submission process. IT SUCKS! BIGTIME! Someone needs to develop something that doesn’t require a course in rocket science to work with. Myreview needs an easy to use interface for admins, chairs and reviewers. A general overhaul is needed.