and now in the spotlight: the simplified Mobile First

There you have it! The world is going mobile, and everybody reads everything on their smartphones. I’ve been trying to hack this lame show of a website for so long that many times I’ve been tempted to just scrape it and start all over.

But no. I’m stubborn. And persist where others quit. And finally, instead of going bottom-up, I decided to convert top-down some things for the 2017/18 year. Probably still in need of a long list of patches but…

The things that I worried most in this revamp where:

  • mobile first – It had to look good on mobile. The previous version just didn’t cut it. Now it is acceptable and I’ll iterate it over time.
  • mobile first. Again. Think simple. Think simple. Think. And then build on that simplicity. Still a lot of crap around here but I’ll hunt it down during this year.
  • Removed some of the JS crap that was running around. Keep things easy and fast.
  • moved some stuff to CSS3 grid layouts. Grid layouts are a time saver and a declutter. HTML becomes free of all those .wrapper and .content divs that were there just for … well, to lower the text to html ratio.
  • mobile first? did I repeat myself? Well, one more thing. Moving to SVGs also. Lighter, vector, beautifully rendered! What else?