AppleScript: Revised Document Statistics

This is a revised version of the clipboard document statistics script that I used some time ago. It now counts the paragraphs and includes a 1-button dialog box.

Count the number of characters, words and paragraphs in the clipboard
David R. -
To use place this script in your User Scripts folder in ~/Library/Scripts
set nChars to count (the clipboard)
set nWords to count words of (the clipboard)
set nParag to count paragraphs of (the clipboard)
display dialog "Characters: " & nChars & "
Words: " & nWords & "
Paragraphs: " & nParag buttons {"OK"} default button 1

Installing the script

To use the script just use the AppleScript Editor that ships with MacOS (search in side the utilities folder) and save this as a script in your Scripts folder in ~/Library/Scripts.