Are you Brainless today? Go read these.

— An indicator that we are seeing a shift in AI and that deep learning has become a big thing in research and industry — and my bet is that deep learning will have a bigger impact on society than the other buzzword starting with Big that also has DATA in it — is that the number of patents that are brain related as risen dramatically. Yes, Your AI brain in a silicon neural network stowed away neatly in your pocket is just around the corner.

— Clustering. Clustering and Classification are probably the two main tasks you want machine learning to do. So, it is always good to see how others are doing theirs. In this paper Hasnat et al. do a comparative study of clustering methods in multinomal distributions.

100 synapses and you get yourself a mini brain, capable of doing image classification. But wait… it only classifies 3 letters… Hm. I think the implementation still needs to be improved a little before we have skynet…

— If you study Twitter from a scientific perspective and are interested in how twitter reflects politics, then head out o this paper by Murthy and Retto where they compare the print coverage and tweets in the US. Republican Primaries. It focuses on sentiment analysis — something that is becoming more prevalent in science these days. The study of emotion moves money, and scientists love money.

— And finally, the gods of the Mountains must be angry. So, for a minute think about how ephemeral everything is when put in the right perspective.