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Android default Calendar APP just doesn't cut it anymore

I’ve been using Google’s Calendar since I can remember. The fact it has become one of the most important tools in my daily running around. I use it both to plan the future and to take short notes of the past. It acts like a life log.

Lately I’m finding that the Android version of Google Calendar needs an upgrade in terms of usability and simplicity. It doesn’t show all my calendars. When adding events, seems to hide them until some background thread thinks that I should see them (usually at random). The events entered sometimes don’t sync quickly with the online version. Argh…

The worse thing is the lack of feedback in the cases when your event doesn’t show right away on the calendar. You don’t know if it was recorded or if it just disappeared into the internet oblivion…

Calendar Alternatives?

Right now I’m using the simple (and beautiful) Cal. In works in a totally different way, and I’m taking some time to get used to it. But it has many positive things, namely that it did recognise ALL my calendars from the G company.

If you have other preference of a calendar app for android, please leave your comments below and tell me why. I’m searching for something really productive. I’ll take a careful look at your suggestions.