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From Bézier 2 Turtle Graphics, All Is Smooth

— When everyone thinks Severless computing, someone is thinks about the pitfalls of it. Serverless Computing: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

— One of the topics I teach to my Design students is turtle graphics. They find it intuitive and is a great approach for a starter programming course. You can find different implementations of Turtle graphics online (including my Utils for P5js), but Turtetoy aggregates creations on a portfolio like environment.

— Another online portfolio website for art generated by code is ShaderGif. The structure is slightly different from Turtletoy, but … horses for courses.

— Bézier curves are mind bending curves, until you dig in and understand their inner works. Secrets of smooth Bézier curves takes the plunge.

— And if you need pageviews, this Minimal Google Analytics Snippet might be enough and short.