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Quick Way to Use Jeromq in Eclipse

  1. Download a jeromq JAR from the maven repository (current version 0.4.3)
  2. Place the jar file in a “lib” folder in your project.
  3. Add jeromq.jar to your project libraries in the Project Build Path
  4. Try the simple hwserver/hwclient examples
  5. you can run both the server and clients from within eclipse, but if you want to run them from the command line:
  • Assuming that you are using eclipse, and that you placed the jar in a “lib” folder
  • go to your “bin” folder and run
  • java -cp "../lib/*:." HWServer

  • java -cp "../lib/*:." HWClient

  • Notice the codepath setting with -cp "../lib/*:." In windows you’ll have to replace the : with ;.

This will create a little setup that allows you to develop and experiment with jeromq.