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Help! Need an Index Card and Contacts Manager Apps for OS X

I’ve rely on physical index cards for many tasks related to managing information, but I’d like to have the same functionality on the desktop. I don’t want it integrated in a “brainstorming, mindmapping” package, or in a “screenplay” software. I wanted something like a shoe box of index cards, that I could just sort by some criterion, or group under certain labels. Just something simple. In design making things simple is sometimes the hardest.

My other need is about the Contacts app in OS X. As all Apple software, Contacts is suffering from the “we don’t have time to think about OS X software while we are stealing candy from hipsters buying iPhones” syndrome. I really need to have some way of categorizing, cleaning, and searching through my contacts easily. Every time I open Contacts, I’m surprised by the number of people that I don’t know and never contacted. I’m starting to think that the app just comes up with fake contacts like fake twitter followers.

If you know about an app that can help me, please share it with me! I’m avidly searching for apps to solve these two tasks.