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Hello New Static World

I’ve been trying to move away from Wordpress for so many years that I don’t even remember when I first started using it. It was probably in early 2000s but who cares anymore? WP has since improved and has grown up but also sideways. It has become the blogging platform of choice.

My God, it feels great to be free again.

All I really needed was a simple static website. That’s why I’m moving on. The old 6H is still there if you want to check it out, but now everything is powered by a static site generator.

I’ve chosen Hexo. Why? Jekyll, Hugo, and many others could be chosen. But I couldn’t run away from Node.js. Javascript is a great language and with all the recent developments it will very important in the years to come. Therefore, if I’m writing a blog why not use a static engine that runs on the same technologies? Can’t beat that.

  • What’s next?

I’m updating things slowly and trying other things as I explore the static generator. Somethings might break, but I’ll try to fix them quickly if they don’t work.