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A sound of time

The guardian has a piece on Podcast, the past, the present and the future or How podcasting is falling prey to the broadcast companies.

But the internet is a marvelous place, because if you choose your pills right, you’ll be able to jump from quality page to another quality page. Only if the authors you start with put some effort into it. And John Naughton did. You should go and read his readings.

And if you follow my lead you’ll read Building a More Honest Internet and maybe think a little about this. The future of the Internet is in danger of becoming a vast rubbish landscape. Or, we can think of new ways to reinvent it. Read it and think.

Also worth reading is The Second Wave of Algorithmic Accountability. It connects with the previous links and touches some interesting points on the ethics of modern technologies. The XXI century will not be about the CAN Tech do this, but instead about the SHOULD tech do it. The discussion has started.