The British Strike OUT. What a mistake they made!

Well, the chances where there, the clowns were out, the stupidity made them blind, and now BRITAIN VOTED OUT. This might be the biggest face changing in Europe since WWII and we all will have privileged seats to watch/or be part of/ whatever you prefer.

The late Iain Banks, one of Britain best writers of the late XX/early XXI centuries, summed the discussion at hand.

Iain Banks quote

Today I’m seeing a lot of people anger now that the remain lost. They are all scratching their heads and thinking how was this possible. Edward Snowden put it best:

Letting a society go into a spiral of discussing stupid ideas results in stupid decisions. That is something that Serge Galam showed with his voting models in a theoretical viewpoint.

The British will have to pay for this adventure. They are already paying in some sense because the Sterling Pound immediately collapsed:

Sterling Pound Collapses after results

I’m a great defender of change. Change, like the great Portuguese poet Camões once said the world is change, which forever takes on new qualities, [Todo o mundo é composto do mudança,//Tomando sempre novas qualidades], drives the world. But not when it sends your country into a deadlock.

The EU failed Europeans because they didn’t change. They imposed power in a top-down manner and this is forcing EU nations to change in unpredictable and radical ways and like Britain letting countries go into a spiral of nationalism that reminds the ideas of the post WWI that lead to WWII.

Speaking of which, the Guardian has a science podcast about find new planets. Anyone that is in shock might start searching for a space ship out of the planet. Well at least out of the island, but I suspect that the ones running for their CVs are those in Brussels.