Dave’s Express

For my PhD thesis and for ASSYST I usually collect snippets of information around the web about things that interest me. I primarily use a swipe folder in DevonThink Pro where all these snippets are stored and where I can access them easily. But from times to time I need to have them aggregated in a summary page for easy reference. It usually goes through some processing program but the task is tedious. I was thinking about how could this be done quickly. I was tinkering about this and thought that many of these collections might be of interest for others and decided to do a little experiment.

I’ve collected some snippets of things related to complex systems mainly, but also about other things. Think of it as delicious to print. There are some online services that allow you to do similar things like Readability’s Read Later button, but in the end  the result is not as good looking as a nicely typeset LaTeX document (LaTeX as a typesetting software is excellent!). This document has a newsletter format easy to read and I decide to call it Dave’s Express. It’s just a collection of notes, not just titles and links to webpages (although it has links). I find that these summary snippets help me find the right document when latter I try to find something. As they might also be interesting for others I decided to put them online.

So here it is! On a totally irregular base, the first (or number zero) of the Dave’s Express #0 for your free download.