Disappearing right click (context) menu in Dropbox folder and files.

Today I was alerted by a friend that his Dropbox files/folders couldn’t be shared anymore (he was asking me how to do it) in windows machines. That’s strange behaviour I thought!

I had a Windows machine laying around and went to test it. The truth is that it had happened to me too. Where were my Dropbox icons on the context menu? I was running version 2.4.11 in both Windows and Mac and the Windows version seamed to have stopped allowing the sharing functionality.

Another colleague told me that she experienced a similar thing, but in her case it was the missing of the Public folder after installation of Dropbox. What? No Public folder?

Until now I relied in the auto upgrade of Dropbox but what I found is that my 2.4.11 version was A LOT behind the official 2.6.x stable release. The x of the 2.6.x is there because if you go to the install page on the mac you get 2.6.7 but if you go to the release notes page the latest stable version is 2.6.13 GO FIGURE!

Well, in the end I decided to go with a testing release (LIVING WILD I SAY) and installed 2.7.38 on all my machines. So my advice? Don’t rely too much on Dropbox auto-updating itself. DOESN’T WORK. Do a manual check now and then.