Fedora Core 6 Live (Zod Rules)

Long live Ubuntu and all that. And i’ve been living by the Brown linux for long now. But this doesn’t mean that I wont look into other things from time to time. Today I’ve decided to try the latest Fedora Zod! It’s a Live CD with 2.3 Gb of packed software. I’m writing this post from it, running inside a virtual machine in Parallels in a 1Gb MacBook. What can I say… it rocks. My first impression was “gorgeous” Yes.. it is. Although I’m a fan of ubu, i dislike the brown / orange colors a bit.. So Fedora just hit a point there. In Parallels it boots to a 1600×1200 resolution that I had to change to a 1200×800 so I could use it in full screen. One ALT+CTRL+BKSPC after I was at the gdm prompt… hm..what is the default fedora user? Try fedora… And everything was just fab. The only down thing I found was that they shipped Firefox 1.5.X instead o 2.x but i can live with that… well, I can’t but the live CD allows you to install software as if it was a HD install so you can go to the internet and do your magic. Overall I’ve found it very pleasant (love the blues) and I might even try it in a big machine that is resting here in my room. I’ll feedback this latter.