What does football, Brexit and my kitchen have in common?

After loosing to Chile (second time in a row), the second best player in the world doesn’t want to play anymore for his country at the age of 29 (after four lost finals). Maybe there was some problem with the money suitcase travelling to the Cayman islands, but in any case Argentina loses big time and probably only Adidas and Barcelona can call themselves winners in this strange decision.

Back to Brexit, when you have Sarah Palin, Putin, Trump, and Iran, all congratulating the Leave you know you have a problem in your hands. Britain has made one of those mistakes that will take 50 years to overturn, unless politicians ACT NOW.

And still in the UK, finally, scientists are waking from their lethargic lab experiments to the realisation that there won’t be much funding after Brexit after all. And if there is a class of workers that can smell the lack of funding a mile way… that’s us scientists. SHOW ME THE CHEESE.


I love them, thing that they’ll be great in the future, but I don’t understand this quest to make robots resemble mammals — humans, dogs, unicorns… The latest from Boston Dynamics is the epitome of absurdity. A robot-dog doing the dishes… And while they have some sense of humor showing the hurdles that robotics still has to overcome at the end of the video, these four legged versions are reaching the end of interestingness (maybe that’s why Google wants to sell the company).

The interesting part of robotics is not the development of Hardware, but software, mainly “brains”. And brains are algorithms, are neural networks, are simulations, new computation forms, inverse kinematics, and so on. Probably this platform has already reached its limit and is time to move on. For me a robot is something on this software side of the viewpoint. Tesla’s autopilot makes the car a kind of robot, and a very capable one. It doesn’t need to look like a whale to do drive.

and the answer to the question is NOTHING