shortener needs a few hours work

Google has an URL shortener of his own called It works great and if you create your short cuts while you’re logged into your account you’ll get an history of your shortened URLs, but… and this is the but, the interface is not all that great. Google needs to pay some attention to their URL shortener. Some things that the UI team at google needs to take into consideration:

  • The number of visible urls per page should be configurable, instead of being just 10 per page.
  • One should be able to sort the table by any column, namely by hits. This would allows us to search quickly for most popular URLs instead of going through many pages to find it. (In my case I have a popular URL for Endnote bibliographic style sheet for the Portuguese norm NP405 that I like to track but it is buried in this awful pagination)
  • Some kind of statistical export function would be nice. Maybe in CSV format.

This kind of stuff would take maybe a couple of hours from a google engineer and would make the service even more useful! Think about it google.