Google is becoming irrelevant? Is Facebook ready to takeover?

Spam is a pain. In emails and in search. Google with the monopoly of search made itself part of a SEO game where on the engine side only google mattered. From this we’ve seen specialists of Spam gaming google’s algorithm. This created a negative feedback and now first page results are becoming irrelevant. That’s why Google has been trying desperately to stop this negative feedback by changing the “algorithm” in the past weeks.

On the other hand we have facebook using moms and grannies social life (some  argue that it is is the lack of, but let’s forget that for now) to improve results through social graph theory, and would love to make Google irrelevant.While Google thought Local would be the future, Facebook found that local only has value connected with Social and is beating Google at its game.

Is this true or important? (Who cares anyway?)

In the statistics of Sixhat Pirate Parts I’m seeing an increase on the number of grannies (sorry, visitors) Facebook sends over (and I had deleted my account on Facebook definitively) while Google visitors are slightly declining. Worried? No… the nature of these negative feedbacks will end up destroying who ever comes after… We just need to “surf” the dynamics of it…