Google Under European Fire.

European Union is something of a mess. In one hand plays the role of the protector of monopolies like with the approval of legislation that will unplug european citizens from the web in case of piracy (there goes internet access as a fundamental right down the drain). On the other hand wants to protect the citizens from the monopolies.

Curiously, this apparent contradiction, isn’t really a contradiction. The monopolies aren’t equal. In the first case Europe wants to protect those industries that are whining about loosing money, and that, they say,  will be in risk of bankruptcy. On the other case the monopolies are from companies that don’t complain, that innovate constantly and that have enough money in their bank accounts to save Ireland (or Portugal) several times in this economic crisis.

So, if your doing well, making money and you don’t whine… the EU will investigate you, accuse you, and ask you for a bribe… (ups, fine you). If you’re company wants to keep doing business as it did 50 years ago, then the EU will ask its citizens to pay up whatever these old farts want.

Get your act together EU!