Guardian Puzzle Feb 1, 2016 – The shady puzzle that will keep you in the dark

This is my solution to the Guardian Puzzle of Feb 1, 2016. The puzzle asks the reader to “design a room with straight walls in which there is a position for a single light source that leaves either part or all of every wall in shadow.”

My solution guarantees that each wall of the 6 segment polygon AFBGCE is part in shadow. The source light is D and is in center of the ABC triangle. The second triangle EFG is slightly rotated inside the outer triangle and this allows the creation of three shadow areas each affecting two walls. Don’t know if there is a simpler solution, but I don’t there is.

Play with the Points of the Inner Triangle EFG to see how they affect the shadow areas. If you can’t see the applet here you can play with it at TubeGeoGebra