It is all emotion, but we are all alone in the end.

Sentiment Analysis, sentiment analysis, sentiment analysis. Argh… How do SVM, Naive Bayes, Logistic Regression, Multilayer Perceptrons, Best-first Trees, Functional trees, and C4.5 compare? Psomakelis et al. did a comparative study of twitter. Sentiment analysis is probably one of the most dangerous approaches to understanding crowd behaviour because it is dictating what normality is. A normality that comes from big data processing. This means that for practical purposes—read commercial—many normal behaviours will become outliers… and you might become targeted for “corrective emotional measures”—meaning that you’ll buy that new godWatch they are trying to sell. Well, fascinating dystopia this one that we are building. The science part of it is cool.

What is strategy, again? I just say… let the algorithms kick in and you’ll need to make this question again, and again, and again, and you’ll need an algorithm to answer it because human brains will not be able to cope with the answer very soon.

Lily, the first throw and shoot camera. Now, selfies suck. But everybody is taking selfies. Then came the selfie stick. That everybody thinks is ridicule but that you see in every corner of any touristic location. And now??? the Selfie Drone? Crap… THE WORLD IS BECOMING A LONELY PLACE. GET A FRIEND PEOPLE.

— And speaking of loneliness, Sudan needs a partner. This is very sad story but I imagine that human (selfie) stupidity will put the northern white rhino in the same shelf as the Dodo.