Latex Tip: back references in bibliography


When writing long texts, articles or you know… thesis, in latex I find very useful to have automatic links between references and the entries that show up in the bibliography. That is easily accomplished by using the hyperref package in the preamble of the latex document by including the package hyperref


Now, this is cool, but sometimes I’m seeing a reference on the bibliography and I’d just like to know where it was used in the text so I could check what I wrote about it quickly. But this normally involves a search box and it is a pain. It would be easier if you just included backlinks at the end of each reference with the pages where that reference was used.

The hyperref package allows that by setting the option pagebackref=true on the package options. Now you just have to use


and it will give you those nice links at the end of each reference, back to the pages where you first inserted them.

If only bibliographic styles for major publications would be like that! The solution is to remove the option after writing, but even so it is a nice productivity feature to have while writing.