New Pentax K-01 is ugly – some notes

Pentax K-01 - Ricoh

  • Ricoh and Pentax are now one and this is the first iteration of the joint company into the mirrorless cameras. The camera is ugly but not everything is bad.
  • It’s a 16 megapixel APS-C sensor. 16 Mp seems to be the latest sweat spot for APS-C cameras these days.
  • The camera is a Pentax K mount meaning that it will be compatible all those great K mount lenses available
  • The pancake lens that is going to be sold with the camera (a 40mm F2.8 – 60mm equivalent in full-frame) is one of the smallest in the world although I’d rather something wider (a 28mm f2 would be great).
  • All this comes to an end on image quality. If this sensor can make pictures at the same level as the latest cameras like the X100, M43, and Sony NEXes… it will be probably a very fun camera.