Photography in compact form – Mainly Ricoh

— I haven’t talked about photography — You can check all the Photo stuff in my dedicated photo section — in a long time here. I’ve been selling most of my gear and simplifying my processes a bit. I’m still making photos, mainly street with the fabulous Ricoh GR, but even in the DSLR I’m simplifying. My lens choices are smaller, mainly 50mm equivalent both on digital and on film. But I’ve seen time after time this argument about using digital vs. film and I stopped worrying about it. In the end you make pictures and you should find the right tool for it. PERIOD. But some like to switch back and forth.

— Speaking of even more interesting Photography. Anytime Daido Moriyama is mentioned you must Listen. You might not know who he his, and then YOU MUST REALLY LISTEN. And if think you know who Daido Moriyama is you should go and buy On Daido. As a side note, Daido is known for using the small P&S Ricohs. . .

— Speaking of Ricoh GR… there are some rumors about a GR II coming soon. DROLL.