Post ECCS Conference round up.

ECCS’10 finished last Friday. It’s a strange thing to put up such a big event for complex systems studies.

The first thing one notices after everybody else has left is that you already miss the conference. The frenetic rhythm of the conference impregnated your body in such a way that it feels a bit strange not having it around. The second thing I’d like to say is about how great the participants were (Even when we put them into buses and to the crazy Lisbon traffic.). The success of this conference wouldn’t even be half of what it was if the participants weren’t so great. Finally, It was very nice to see young students preparing the future of complex systems studies. They (We) met Friday and had a great brainstorm that, in my view, will percolate and will be very important in the context of Complex Systems Studies for the next years in the World. For now there’s a website hosted at the Complex Systems Society with some details. It will be updated regularly in the future by the CSS members. So if you aren’t a CSS member yet, please do join and participate in the discussion of the future of Complexity Sciences.