Problems with sending e-mail

While you’re composing your email in Apple Mail you’ll have that message in Draft folder and then you hit Send… and for some stupid reason you’re using the University IMAP system and the server is more broken the the Portuguese submarines and so your message just hangs there trying to go through at the amazing speed of 0KB/s. (Yes, that fast!) and then you realize that you can’t find the outgoing message. If you try to Cancel it it doesn’t help… it just sits there waiting for an half sent message to get some response from the server (the dead server by now) and you’re in desperate-need-to-get-home-really-fast mode. And finally you decide to look for your message, go to the outbox, open it and then decide to send it via your gmail account (or whatever other “free” service you subscribe), this  while the other process was almost finishing… At the end this is faster and you rush out the door and you never know if the first try really made to the server or not. Great!

so the final question is…..

Did you see that white rabbit running?