The problems of upgrading to Apple’s Mac OS Sierra

There you go again, apple releases a new OS and Dave starts bitching about how broken Sierra is. Here’s a list of things that stopped working and that I’m really upset about:

  • I use a different keyboard layout called ColemaP. A slightly optimised version of Colemak. This keyboard layout relies on the Caps Lock key being the BACKSPACE key. Thus, I used a small software called Seil. With Mac OS Sierra it STOPPED WORKING.
  • Outlines, outlines, outlines, some people can run a NASA space program with outlines. I used OmniOutliner for the past 10 years uninterruptedly. It is a great piece of software that simply made outlining easy. Now, with the upgrade to Sierra, it STOPPED WORKING and crashes every time I launch the program.
  • I use GPGTools for singing my emails and encrypting messages — You are encrypting your emails, aren’t you?. It worked great and integrated well with Mail. Guess what? It STOPPED WORKING. Sure, I can still encrypt/decrypt text manually, but the integration with Mail was so nice.
  • Occasional App crashing. It seems that now and then some app refuses to open and crashes with a message. The previous bullet points are systemic errors.  The apps STOPPED WORKING completely. Furthermore, there have been other random cases of computer fury and sadness. Well, let’s see if incremental releases make this Sierra something tamer.

In conclusion, I’m stuck using Sierra, I’m not downgrading right now, even if the Sierra problems persist. But I’m not a happy camper.