Barbara Lusitanica

Pattern-oriented analysis of communication flow: The case study of cicada barbara lusitanica[pdf]. J. Louçã, D. Rodrigues, A. Morais, and J. Symons. In I. Zelinka, Z. Oplatková, and A. Orsoni, editors, 21st EUROPEAN Conference on Modelling and Simulation ECMS 2007, pages 229–234, Prague, Czech Republic, June, 4th-6th 2007. (BibTex, Citeulike)

This paper provides a general perspective concerning the study of flux of information in complex social systems. The recognition of communicative structures through pattern-matching in social systems allows the interpretation and prediction of behaviour in social networks. Applying the pattern-oriented approach suggests the possibility that through modelling, we can discover new previously unknown emergent patterns in complex systems of various kinds. In the present study, we examine the processes of pattern recognition and behaviour involved in cicada mating behaviour and argue that modelling such systems both uncovers and provides an explanation for emergent patterns. Experimental results indicate that cicada’s song recognition patterns are related to and explain the configuration of cicada’s dislocation and contact patterns.