Quick update

I’ve been back to programming a lot in Java for the past few weeks as part of a paper I’m writing with E. Rodrigues. Coming back to Java after last year’s programming for T174 at the OU was very nice because Java 8 is finally out. It brings lambdas and streams and all that. I am really enjoying it(sic), although I still need to get my head around the “Java Way” of writing code for them. I still like to prototype my ideas in python or R, but it is also nice to go back to Java from time to time.

In the meanwhile I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t posted much lately. I only managed to do some small changes here in the blog by adding the Trends section on the menu. I’m going to invest some time in this. It is using Storify and if I like it I’ll probably create new streams connected with stuff I’m usually interested in (complexity, chess, &c.). Lets see how it works out.