Sony shows new rolling music player

Sony shows new rolling music player: “A model shows Sony Corp.’s new rolling egg-shaped digital music player swivels in Tokyo, Monday, Sept. 10, 2007. The 40,000 yen (US$354; euro258), 300 gram (11 ounce) Rolly, set to go on sale in Japan Sept. 29, comes with stereo speakers, 1 Gigabyte of internal flash memory and a battery good for about five hours of music. Overseas sales are still undecided. The smooth white gadget, small enough to sit on a palm, has sensors that recognize which way is up, allowing volume to be controlled by turning the player clockwise or counterclockwise, and tunes to be switched by pushing or pulling it on the floor.

Não me parece que vá conquistar muitos adeptos para este brinquedo fora do Japão. Aliás dúvido que chegue mesmo a considerear vender algum fora do Japão. Ainda por cim por 50 contos? Tão a brincar. Nem no Japão vão conseguir vender gande coisa. Acho.