SSD memory just around the corner

A tiny memory chip will become the main storage device incorporated into notebook computers beginning this year in place of conventional, bulky hard disc drives. Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of memory chips, Tuesday unveiled such a scheme at the Samsung Mobile Solution Forum at Taipei. During the third annual event, the firm demonstrated the world’s first 32 gigabyte NAND flash-based solid state drive (SDD) that will replace hard disc drives.

Samsung is just on the verge of a revolution! The new SSD devices offer 32GB of pure fun for computers. This devices will replace in some near future the hard drive component. Besides being faster in Read an Write operations, the SSD also doesn’t have any moving mechanical parts, witch is one of the traditional Hard Drive handicaps. For now, the price tag is still to high, but it will drop as technology gets wide acceptance. I hope to see this kind of tech soon.

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