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Still reading about AI and GPT and what's next in this space

March 23, 2023
  • Let's cool dow a bit- A very "food for thought" essay where the euphoria about transformers technology (read GPTs) is brought to sane levels, exposing some of its bias, mistakes, and highlighting the ontological differences between what they are and people's expectations of them.
  • Open AI and Reproducible science Open AI is decommissioning Codex (the one that powers Copilot for example), and this creates a serious problem: What happens to the science produced with / based on Codex? How will someone be able to reproduce the scientific results?
  • Tabnine - This is a code completion / assistant a la Copilot. Just trying this out now and ... well as Copilot, I'm really amazed how AI will transform programming if you keep a human in the AI loop. Tabnine and Copilot are not the only ones and are in what might be called gen. 1 AI assistants. I can't imagine what these space will be in 5 years. But Wow. I want in.