Some memory and brain stories this week.

Last week showed up some interesting stories about the Brain secrets, how it works and it stores information:

What are memories made of?

our memories are not inert packets of data and they don’t remain constant. Even though every memory feels like an honest representation, that sense of authenticity is the biggest lie of all. — in Lapidarium notes

The Geometric Structure of the Brain Fiber Pathways

The cerebral fiber pathways formed a rectilinear three-dimensional grid continuous with the three principal axes of development. Cortico-cortical pathways formed parallel sheets of interwoven paths in the longitudinal and medio-lateral axes, in which major pathways were local condensations. — by Wedeen et al.

Segregation and Wiring in the Brain

A mosaic of hundreds of interconnected and microscopically identifiable areas in the human cerebral cortex controls cognition, perception, and behavior. Each area covers up to 40 cm2 of the cortical surface and consists of up to 750 million nerve cells. — by Zilles ans Amunts