Bikes vs Cars

I’d love to be in Spain to see this movie Bikes vs Cars, namely in Barcelona where it is going to be shown this Saturday at Docs Barcelona. The movie has been doing the tour of independent film festivals, from Sweden to South by south west and the american circuit. It is coming back to Europe again and I hope Bikes vs Cars can be seen in DocLisboa in October. Let’s hope some organiser reads my blog . . .


We are immersed in a great global crisis that we will eventually have to face: climate change, the exhaustion of fossil resources, urban and ocean pollution. In this context, the bicycle stands as a powerful tool for change. However, this is a David and Goliath fight, since the automobile industry invests millions of dollars every year to maintain its business. Car sales are currently higher than ever before and there are more than one thousand million vehicles in the world.
Activists and thinkers around the world, from São Paulo to Los Angeles, including the idyllic situation in Copenhagen, get organized to change the state of things and make cities more sustainable. Alongside those citizens who refuse to stop cycling despite the increase in the number of deaths from traffic accidents, they carry out a small action that can lead to great changes.

from DocsBarcelona.