Sensores para interfaces humano-computador. Uma amostra do futuro!

Depois da Kinect muito se tem desenvolvido em termos de sensores de movimento e toque que pretendem substituir as interfaces tradicionais com os computadores. Recentemente surgiram duas nas notícias que são a prova que a indústria está a andar em direcções realmente muito interessantes.

O primeiro vídeo é o Leap Motion, um sensor que apresenta uma resolução 100x superior à kinect e que verá a luz do dia no final do ano com um preço de $70.

O segundo caso é o Touché desenvolvido pela Disney Research Hub que permite reconhecer configurações complexas do corpo humano e que poderá apresentar a porta de entrada para os nosso sonhos cyborgs.

Reading through gestures – OpenKinect+Processing+Text2Speech

I’ve been playing with a Microsoft Kinect for some time. I want to use it in ways to provide useful interaction with traditionally difficult environments for the mouse. Public exhibitions or presentations are examples of those situations where the kinect might do a good job. The above is a simple interaction test with kinect that tests the integration of different things: The kinect and the open source drivers (obviously), the Processing language and the java wrappers, the Text2Speech capabilities of Mac OS X, and the Real time reading of news (in this case from the NYT). This is just a first demo. I’d like to see in the future some integration with other technologies like openCV for face recognition, openNI skeleton tracking, and multitouch using TISCH, but lets take one step at a time.

Microsoft Kinect side projects

Microsoft Kinect might become one of the most interesting projects coming out from Redmond. This brilliant future for the kinect is probably due to the Open Source driver that already made Microsoft say that they welcome what people invent.  (That’s new, for a change). But let’s stop talking about politics and list some interesting cool things people are doing with Kinect (in no particular order):

I’ll updated this list with new projects and ideas. If you find one please put own in the comments so I’ll check them and update this list. (more…)