#pl118 – Updated Statistics on the Portuguse Copy Levy discussion

#pl118 Tweet Count

After almost 22 days of fight against the #pl118 it’s time to update some statistics. First, we have the daily tweet count of the #pl118 hashtag on twitter.  It’s interesting to notice that it seems to show a 10 day cycle, although this can’t be taken as strong evidence of anything as more data points are needed.

#p118 tweets by hour of day

Second we can see the daily distribution of tweets about the #pl118 copy levy that the government is trying to pass. As natural, discussion follows the circadian rhythm of Portugal with almost no tweets during the 3am-7am period. If you’re interested in participating in this vivid discussion, the best time of day is between 17h and 20h and between 22h and 24h. It’s also curious to notice the bump around lunch time when people seem to use their break to tweet their opinions on the #pl118.

#pl118 Tweets detail by hour of day

This final stat show’s the above two plots condensed into a single image. You can see how the tweets on the #pl118 stack up by hour. You can see that they are pretty much stacked in hour groups probably reflecting moments of strong discussion when new information is available and then rapidly fading away.

Note: Data for Jan 29 was only available up until around 8am.

#sopa, #pl118 and #pipa half baked stories…

It looks like SOPA has been put to sleep for while, but that doesn’t mean much when there’s also PIPA (Where do they get these names?). PIPA is not as known as SOPA but basically does the same thing, allowing DNS censorship.

Around the burg the #pl118 is a bit dormant and most of the online traffic as been from retweets of scattered texts. Although there’s many users online (according to some sources Twitter gains 11 new accounts per second), there are lots of trolls and hashtag surfers.

I’m working now on a “social graph” of the #pl118 tag and the main results show a strong hierarchical structure of the network with this theme being highly centralized in very few individuals. Remove those nodes and probably the meme is gone. New individuals need to join the fight against #pl118 to make the conversation more sustained and robust.

(The above pic is from the #pl118 graph. It’s not complete, so in the next few days I’ll maybe have a more details.)

#pl118 – Is it loosing steam? Some stats on the portuguese copy levy.

Count of #pl118 in twitter The Portuguese private copy levy is still going strong on social networks, but now the discussion seems to have lost a bit of steam. Maybe because the mainstream media hasn’t really picked it up (why?) except for some sporadic entries. In any case it is necessary to keep it strong as the proposal is totally absurd.

Most active users discussing the #pl118

jonasnuts : 412 RuiSeabra : 356 jmcest : 223 ncruz77 : 208 super_nortenho: 173 streetfiteri : 172 paulasimoes : 168 DiogoCMoreira : 160 ZW3I : 122 (Other) :2698

Most used clients to post about the #pl118

web :1617 TweetDeck :1280 HootSuite : 404 Twitter for Mac : 308 Twitter for iPhone : 109 Twitter for iPad : 106 Tweet Button : 103 Echofon : 90 Seesmic : 79 (Other) : 596

(Note: Data for Jan 14th not final, updated the lists to include a few more users and clients.)