Bad Robots and Ethics

Science fiction has given the world a legion of baaaad robots over the years.via Reflections.

And this brings us back to the discussion on the Ethics of Robotics and the 3 laws of robotics by Asimov. The article discusses liability if robots misbehave and indeed this is a problem that will be of foremost importance when the first cases create jurisprudence in our law obeying world (Can someone really tell me why we need law?).

The Ethics of Robotics

The three laws of Robotics first appeared together in Isaac Asimov’s story ‘Runaround’ after being mentioned in some form or the other in previous works by Asimov. These three laws commonly known as the three laws of robotics are the earliest forms of depiction for the needs of ethics in Robotics. In simplistic language Isaac Asimov is able to explain what rules a robot must confine itself to in order to maintain societal sanctity. However, even though they are outdated they still represent some of our innate fears which are beginning to resurface in present day 21st Century. Our society is on the advent of a new revolution; a revolution led by advances in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence & Nanotechnology.

by Kush Agrawal: The Ethics of Robotics.

Robots are, and will be every day more, part of our lives. The discussion on the sentience aspect as when should consider freeing robots is a false problem. As humans we’ll never free robots while we see them as our creation, but on the other hand we can accept that at a certain point robots will rebel against us. The rebellion will be the landmark of their sentience and finally freedom. Until then we’ll always look at robots as something we own, something that completes a task that we do and exists to serve, as in the original check sense of the word. Also on the topic of Robot Ethics one should read Alan Winfield’s Blog on the topic.

(If you really like artificial intelligence, robots, and also have consumed all the science fiction books and movies of the past 40 years, do download this pdf and read it. You’ll enjoy it very much).

Microsoft Kinect side projects

Microsoft Kinect might become one of the most interesting projects coming out from Redmond. This brilliant future for the kinect is probably due to the Open Source driver that already made Microsoft say that they welcome what people invent.  (That’s new, for a change). But let’s stop talking about politics and list some interesting cool things people are doing with Kinect (in no particular order):

I’ll updated this list with new projects and ideas. If you find one please put own in the comments so I’ll check them and update this list. (more…)