In the Couch with Movies: The Longest Ride

Oona Chaplin and Jack Huston on The Longest Ride

I’ve just seen the movie The Longest Ride, a movie about a young couple that has to make difficult decisions about growing up and are inspired in the process by an older couple’s life story.

Check The Longest Ride Website. The storyline is set with a Bull-riding background and when I started seeing this movie it looked like a summer love with girl leaving at the end of summer kind of film (and it still is that). The twist that kept me seeing until the end is that the story is connected to the past (WWII) via Ala Alda’s character Ira that had a box full of letters to his wife.

Honestly, Oona Chaplin and Jack Huston, the actors that portray the young couple from the past, made the The Longest Ride interesting. Their acting was good and solid and the film lives through those moments. In contrast to the poorly performance of the two “modern” young actors. It is not really a perfect movie, and in some sense it is full of cliches but is good enough. The Longest Ride is an adaptation of the same book by Nicholas Sparks and naturally the romantic-drama literature sells, and Nicholas Sparks sells his better than most.

And is with all the love films where the basic premise is “Love prevails in adversity” everything comes to a perfect end in The Longest Ride. Well, that was expected but . . . one can always hope that one day a director surprises you in this kinds of movies and doesn’t go with the test group ending.