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How we learn and how to organise a Reading Inbox

July 04, 2023

I'm always interested in opportunities to learn new things, but like many, I struggle with information overload, in the digital world entertainment is so prevalent that the drive to learn new things becomes subdued to the joy of rapid exploration.

In any case, I've come across a couple of references that I want to revisit in detail.

  • How to learn better in the Digital Age This points in some interesting directions: the biological aspect of learning, the physical effort needed, and the association between retention and physical action is something often forgotten. The need for effort for learning to be successful. Nothing easy is worth much.
  • The Reading InboxThis points (in the GTD style?) to the problem of the Reading Inbox — a problem I have (my Reading Inbox is over capacity). Maybe one should implement a Reading Inbox as a circular LinkedList with a fixed capacity. If it grows it starts overwriting older entries. Hm...

Tags: learning, gtd, digital-life