The Pound Problem in Gmail

As I’m starting a new life in the UK I need to adapt to some things, but…

YES BUT… We always believe that we have our little shenanigans and mischiefs in Portugal, mainly with computers. The Portuguese Computer layout, although “international” has been changed to include accents, and moving some programer keys to places that require you to be a keyboard olympic gymnastic from Romania (in the good old days).

NOW, move forward 20 years… I use GMAIL A LOT. A LOT, really a LOT. and I use the keyboard shortcuts exclusively. If you don’t know what I’m talking about YOU CAN REVERT BACK TO WHATEVER YOU’RE doing.


Still here? Ok, you’ll learn something today then.

Being used to the PT KEYBOARD you’d assume that you wouldn’t have many problems going to an english one. The shortcuts for programming would become perfect and the accents … WELL who really NEEDS those stupid appendices anyway?

The problem is GMAIL. In the UK layout the hashtag (#) is on the letter ‘3’ and is activated by ALT+3 (in my shiny new MacBook Pro). SHIFT+3 activates the ‘£’. YES they pay me in £s but this breaks GMAIL. I can’t DELETE emails with a shortcut. ARGH!!!!! ALT+3 doesn’t work.


Go to settings in your GMAIL account and then to LABS and activate the GREAT, DAY SAVER, NOBEL AWARD nominee Custom keyboard shortcuts by Alan S. Then go the SETTINGS again and into the Keyboard shortcuts panel and change to them your liking. I just added the £ as a possibility to delete emails in UK layouts.