Things that caught my eye this Sunday …

— The aftermath of the elections in the UK shows that the issues they face are potentially very fragmentary. Even with the Tories’ majority — in a democracy that is not that representative — the UK will be heading to tumultuous times. The main issue is probably Scotland and the virtual wipeout of any party other than the SNP. UK in the next 5 years is going to be a fun political science case to study.

— Still in the UK, and talking about equal rights, equity and all that, we get back to discussing Race and discussing quotas and I feel that we are back to 1960s. This is a very complex problem and I don’t have a solution to it but is with great sorrow that I see that in the 2010s we are still so archaic and full of prejudice in matters of race, job equality, and sexual orientation. Things that are so essential to the condition of being human that I sometimes think that we’ve been invaded by an alien species.

Michele Obama talked about the trials she had to go through during the 2008 campaign where she was held to a different standard of the other candidates wives. Another example of my disquiet with how modern society is still not so modern after all.

— And finally for some stupid stunt that could be other sad news in the necrology, some Russian freerunner decided to jump from pillar to pillar on the top of a Dubai Hotel. Paid stunt by the HOTEL? Dubai not being in the news enough? In any case, another example of humans doing stupid things for showing off.