2 Things worrying me right now!

  1. Companies doing traffic shaping in HTTP only access. This is happening in France according to the owners of megaupload. Every day we’re witnessing gross sale companies trying to enter the commodity market. This is wrong and brings to an idea that I heard somewhere. If big infrastructure companies are trying to get out of the gross market, maybe there’s an opportunity for local communities to own infrastructure. Real physical infrastructure and then charge big companies for their pass rights through these infrastructures. Maybe there’s something here that I don’t know, but what we’re seeing now is that on the pretext of profit we’re loosing neutrality and independence.
  2. Amazon dictating the prices of their Android App Store? This is another proof that App store are the stupidest thing and that in the end they will hurt developers more that they will make them rich. Programmers / developers role and importance in the software production chain is now being relegated to second places and if they can’t even define the price of their own work, they’ll be doomed in the long run. And as this works in feedback loops, this will bite the App stores back, but until then… guess who’s making NO money?