Tim, can I have an USB port on my iPad, please?

One thing that I really think lacks on the iPad is an USB port. I don’t really want to connect any fancy thing to it, just a stupid usb flashdrive so I could share some documents to other people when I’m on the road and don’t have internet access.

Is that so difficult? I could even consider buying an external adapter (paying the customary 39$ that apple charges for those iPad adapters) just to be able to plug in a pen…

A simple 2GB pen could act as external storage and apps could use them as ‘send to’ location. That would without a doubt allow the iPad to truly replace my laptop in many field trips with colleagues.

And although what I want is a very simple thing, imagine the possibilities that would open up for all other USB devices out there! Imagine that, think different!

If apple is trying to merge Desktop computing and Mobile computing, apple needs to mix what is prevalent and important on both sides, and storage is probably the most important thing, and it can’t be fully replaced by cloud storage, at least not when there’s no cloud.