Tonight was the night for something ‘baked’ at apple.

I stopped following apple releases during a very high dose of caffeine. FEELS LIKE LAST CENTURY. But tonight I turned up my computer and went on listening to the news. It went like this:

  • naming things is worse than the pad days around Cupertino. Basically, it might be dumb names down to freezing temperature so dumb people get it.
  • The iMac Pro effectively killed the Mac Pro. It will be a great machine for anyone on a 10-year computer replacement cycle. The problem is that Apple’s build quality is not that good anymore.
  • Apple File System. Finally, something to replace the old HFS. I imagine the first instalment to be bug-free, but who knows. It is a File System, so have your backups ready. But I like this announcement.
  • Apple updated the laptop line to newer Intel processors. The new 13″ MacBook Pro without the touch-bar is the sweet spot right now, although I’m still a couple of years of my next replacement cycle. But if I was in the market for a laptop, I’d probably take a closer look at its specs.
  • iOS, boomboxes, etcetera… meh. I really don’t care about mobile in the Apple world.
  • Augmented Reality. This is a fad, and Apple is chasing it. Augmented reality has a very specific, and somewhat limited, application. The industry has been trying to replace the TV as the entertainment screen for years with many different technologies, but the reality is that since colour TV nothing manage to displace TV anymore. Augmented reality is just another gimmick. People will love it for 2017 and then it will fade back to specialised applications.
  • This year the X percent thing was ‘faster’. In the past, it was to be ‘X percent thinner’. I like FASTER better. It brings us back to what computing is all about. Performance, power, MIPS… Let’s hope that they don’t take another 10 years to update the computer line-up.
  • Can’t confirm this but it seems that the audience was almost totally men. WTF is going on with developers?

update: no one seems to read this anyway… so typo corrected.