Travelling – The days of the world

After 9/11 the most important thing the Developed World had to do was to respond in a Developed World Way: Add / develop more technology to help security, and make this technology invisible to the user.

Instead the Bush years went the other way and made the pressure on the passenger. Why? Because that served Bush right wing ideas (I was almost writing values, as if he had some). The world went on a security paranoid schizophrenia and it’s now almost impossible to travel by plane without it being a molesting experience at the airports.

Everywhere you go on the internet you read news about how wrongly TSA is behaving or the harassment people are being put through, just because they want to flight from A to B. In 9 years we managed to make mobility a severe pain and each travel arrangement is now considered with great attention just to avoid unnecessary trips.

This paranoia and fear is something we did to ourselves. Don’t blame terrorists for it. We’ve been giving up our freedom for security and In the end we lost both. Instead of greater technologies to help up in security, our policy makers opted for the easy way: treat people as sheep. Under the correct amount of fear, we will do anything they ask us to do, wont we?