Wikileaks down

What we are now seeing in terms of political pressure from the USA on everyone that has commercial relations to Wikileaks is totally unacceptable and is a proof that America is engaging in practices that “the land of freedom” once accused the Soviet Union of doing. Not being able to handle the leaks with character, leaks that are important only because of the way American diplomacy is flawed, and resorting to bullying is going to harm the united states in the long run more than the leaks themselves. Democracy is like a mirror. Once broken, even if you glue all pieces back together, the image it shows back isn’t correct anymore.

This rant is based on the takedowns of Amazon and EveryDNS of the hosting and DNS of wikileaks. Seizing domains by the USA, be it because of torrents as they did the other day, or because they don’t like wikileaks as it now happened, is immoral and is in fact saying that America doesn’t believe in democracy and freedom of speech anymore. Silencing your enemies by force and not by reason is the best way to be known in history as a dictatorship or as a blimp of annoyance. There are men that were born to do great things in their time. America is full of those that at these time just want to pass by life without great achievements.

[Wikileaks can still be reached at]

[ update: is down… but you can try:

or the ips