Windows 10 is NOT Free.

Windows 10 is NOT Free

Microsoft’s event to launch Windows 10 created headlines because of the FREE word. They announced that the OS will be free.

Well…, when Free is NOT:

  • in a time where the OS is free in every platform other than Windows for Microsoft, FREE Windows means that it is ONLY for UPGRADES for Windows7+ computers and only valid for ONE YEAR. WHAT?
  • Yes. This is totally wrong, it is basically a measure to try to keep existing users locked in the platform during the next laptop buying season. It doesn’t aim to attract new users from other OSes, because those will still need to buy Windows 10.
  • It shows that Microsoft’s strategy is lagging 10 years behind that of Apple and that Microsoft doesn’t really understand modern technology.
  • I’m not going to discuss the use of Free (by either Microsoft or Apple or other) in the context of open source and linux (yes, I saw what you did there!)


  • Internet Explorer is going to die.

The BAD:

  • Microsoft is going to write a new browser with amazing features and amazing new ways to break WEB standards and introduce security holes in your computer.


  • Holographic glasses?… yes I think that was what the marketing division was wearing when they defined the price point and marketing strategy for Windows 10