WordPress 3.2

I’m trying the new wordpress 3.2 and without any doubt the feature I like the most is the full screen editing feature, ala scrivener and many others. This should be mandatory in any blogging platform. I still don’t like the fact that wordpress pounds your database with so many requests, but I’ve already managed to live with it without worrying to much (html caching of the posts removes the DB pain).

I still feel that some other bits of WordPress 3.2 are rough as for example the field “Enter title here” in full screen mode didn’t disappeared after I wrote my title (this in Firefox 5). Therefor I suspect that in no time will see a minor release coming out. But in the end I’m loving it and recommend for anyone who wants a distraction free writing environment for blogging.

update: Seems that some plugin was breaking my wordpress installation. The ajaxy features are working correctly now.