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Who are the world’s top coffee drinkers?

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World's Top 30 Coffee Import - Are We Coffee Drinkers?

I’ve been playing a bit with R and experimenting with different data sets. The above plot is of the Top 30 coffee import countries ordered by their population. I fond a bit surprising some facts:

  • The US is the biggest coffee importer in the world, but if we divide the coffee imports by the population they are low in this ranking, even below Portugal.
  • Belgium! Why is belgium first? They have a similar population to Portugal, but the amount of coffee they import is almost 10 times bigger.

This is obviously just an exercise on data manipulation but some curiosities arise. Wikipedia has a page on Coffee consumption per capita that reorders these countries in a different way: Belgium comes 8th and the top spot is for Finland (Fins drink 4x the coffee we drink here in Portugal!), so don’t take this plot to seriously.

Data sources: Coffee Imports by country – Google Fusion Tables World Pupulation – Wikipedia